Why Choose FAM?

  • Want to learn a natural and effective method of birth control?  The symptothermal Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is up to 99.4% effective at preventing pregnancy!
  • Trying to conceive?  FAM can help you easily identify that you have healthy cycles, are ovulating and when you’re fertile for optimal timing of baby-making sex or insemination.
  • Concerned about the short- and long-term side effects of hormonal birth control (like the Pill, Patch, etc)? With no side-effects, FAM uses your body’s natural fertility signals so you don’t have to alter your physiology.
  • Going green? FAM is an eco-friendly birth control option – no more polluting your body and the environment with chemicals and artificial hormones.
  • Craving more body literacy and partnership intimacy? Get curious!  Correlate moods, cravings, sensations, libido, and energy with your hormonal cycle.
  • Feeling imbalanced?  Learn tips to holistically support your hormones for a healthier cycle.

This is must have information for all women!


Secular, Inclusive & Feminist Fertility Awareness

I respect the many reasons that a person might choose to learn fertility awareness.  Classes are secular and inclusive of alternative family structures and all types of sexual relationships (though using the method as birth control does not protect against STIs).  I trust that each person will choose how to apply this information in a way that best suits them. I am a Fertility Awareness and Reproductive Health Educator, certified through Grace of the Moon.

I’ve personally been using the symptothermal method of fertility awareness (FAM) as birth control for about ten years.  It is so satisfying how the practice deepens my connection to my body’s subtle rhythms and enhances intimacy with my partner. I have spent my adult life working in women’s health as a student midwife, birth doula, and postpartum doula and am pleased to offer FAM consulting as an extension of my passion for holistic reproductive healthcare.