Postpartum Sacred Tending Sessions honor your body, mind, and soul during your rite of passage into motherhood.  They are intended to be a touchstone of connection and gratitude, aiding your body’s healing and replenishing your reserves during a time of giving so much energy outward to your baby and family. 

I create a sanctuary in your home, a deeply nourishing pause to drop in and celebrate you!

We begin with a heart-to-heart check in over a cup of herbal tea or botanical hot chocolate. I’ll provide loving witness to your triumphs and struggles as you process and integrate the birth and early parenting. Then you relax into a hands-on mama-care treatment to nourish your body and spirit. Each session is personalized, flows with baby’s need to nurse or be held and will usually include two or three of the following care practices, depending on symptoms and desires:

Herbal sitz bath

Herbal Yoni steam

Warm oil rub (abhyanga)

Traditional Uterine & abdominal tending (with warm stones)

Herbal bath (with or without baby)

 Mexican “Closing the bones” ceremony

Motherhood honoring ritual

Holistic Breast Care & Education

Guided meditation & sacred song

Creative arts process

Infant massage & instruction

I can also provide parenting reassurance & information (infant sleep rhythms & safety, attuning to your infant’s behavior & cries, etc), breast/chestfeeding education & support, and resource referrals.

Each Sacred Tending session is about 6 hours long.  I offer these sessions in a series of three in the Tender Touchpoints Package.

Postpartum Tender Touchpoints Package
  • One virtual prenatal consultation (2 hours) – This consultation will benefit the pregnant parent and any other people who will be supporting the family as we co-create a personalized postpartum plan. This consultation covers education about postpartum nutrition, physical healing and realistic expectations of early parenting.  Also included is a brief physical and emotional health intake in preparation for our in-person sessions.

  • Three in-person Sacred Tending sessions (6 hours each) – These sessions occur around two, four and six weeks postpartum. Each session includes personalized body-spirit care, selected depending on symptoms and preferences. Modalities may include therapeutic birth processing, guided meditation, herbal perineum steam or sitz bath, herbal foot bath, warming bodywork, traditional abdominal and uterine care, Cesarean scar tissue massage and remediation, breast care education for nursing parents, infant massage instruction and/or a Closing the Bones sealing ceremony. 
  • One virtual follow-up consultation (1 hour) – Approximately 4 weeks after our in-person session, the mother and I will have a virtual meeting that will assess and process current emotional, physical and spiritual needs. This session may include parenting or health education, emotional processing tools and referrals. 


Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

This is a single ceremony, designed for about 6-12 weeks after birth.

In many cultures, the the first 6-8 weeks after birth are considered a sacred time of rest, replenishment, bonding and devotion.  The body and soul often crave acknowledgement and centering as we emerge from our early postpartum nest.

During the sealing ceremony, we honor the wisdom you have gained during your labor, birth and early parenting journey. We set intetnions for the next chapter of your parenting journey – as your newborn unfurls into an infant and you come out more into the world, into your newfound role as a parent. 

This ceremony includes:

I believe every family deserves support in the postpartum period.  I live in Sebastopol, CA and work with families in the north Bay Area.  I often work in conjunction with the amazing team at Birth Realm Postpartum Care Company.  If you are looking for daytime or nighttime postpartum doula services in addition to Sacred Tending, please reach out to them.

I would love to meet with your family during pregnancy to discuss your vision and timeframe. I may also be available for last minute bookings once your baby has arrived.

Please contact me

If you’re interested in Sacred Tending and need financial support to access this care, please reach out. I have a scholarships available to support all families from a generous donation from mama-extraordinaire Samantha Rudd and the Rudd Foundation!