Personalized, attuned & loving postpartum care 


As you welcome a new baby, your family will have a unique constellation of blessings and challenges in the postpartum period.  The combination of healing from birth, changing identity and relationships, fluctuating hormones, and altered sleep is a lot to navigate. On top of all that, you’ll have a new round-the-clock job of meeting the needs of your sweet baby. The postpartum period is beautiful – tender – powerful – vulnerable – potent – emotional – exhausting – and deeply fulfilling.  It is an honor for me to support families through it all!  

Traditionally, extended family or community would offer special food, childcare, massage, and rituals to honor this major life transition for the new family. This hands-on support is actually vital to the family’s health and I look forward to offering you this wisdom that is often forgotten in modern times. There are many benefits to taking an extended bonding and rest period after the birth.  We know it positively affects the mother’s health, both immediately and long-term, with increased breastfeeding success rates, reduction in pelvic floor disorders, decreased risk of postpartum depression, and more easeful menopause, among other benefits.

When a family feels well nourished physically, and has their questions answered and worries quelled, they have more emotional resources to welcome and celebrate their newest member. As a result, I see parents resting more in a place of loving curiosity and grounded intuition with their parenting decisions, and less in a place of overwhelm. I see babies relax and blossom as they learn that all their emotions and needs will be met with loving presence.   

I work with a team of doulas and educators at Birth Realm Postpartum Care Company to provide personalized care for new families.

I offer myself as a loving witness, providing open-hearted, hands-on Postpartum Sacred Tending Sessions. These sessions will help replenish your energy so you can heal and fall more in love with your newly born self and family.