Sacred Tending

Your body, your psyche, your whole universe has just transformed – forever.

Your new baby is not the only one who needs tending.

A new version of you has also just been born.

You deserve to be witnessed, accompanied & celebrated as you navigate this new terrain.

You are not meant to “bounce back” – there is no going back.

Let yourself melt into this chrysalis.

Let this change you.

There is so much wisdom here in this liminal realm in the weeks after birth.  

You don’t want to miss it. 

Postpartum Sacred Tending Sessions honor your body, mind & soul during your rite of passage into motherhood/parenthood.

I create a sanctuary in your home – a deeply nourishing pause to drop in & celebrate you!

Each session is a touchstone of connection & gratitude, aiding your body’s healing & replenishing your reserves during a time of giving so much energy outward to your baby and family.

Herbal Yoni Steam

A customized blend of herbs & flowers are chosen to help your perineal tissues & womb heal. You sit on a special steam stool wrapped in a blanket with your perineum receiving the herbal steam for about 15 minutes.

Warm oil rub (abhyanga)

Enjoy 90 – 120 minutes on a warm massage table while nourishing Ayurvedic oils are rubbed on your entire body.  This treatment calms the nervous system, hydrates tissues, promotes lymph flow & eases postpartum tenderness. If indicated, gua sha or cupping may be used to help reduce pain & move stagnant lymph.

Uterine & Abdominal Tending

Guided breathwork, gentle touch & warm stones are placed on the belly to help you reconnect with your center. Castor oil packs may be applied to your abdomen for aiding digestion, easing inflammation & tonifying internal organs. If you’ve had a belly birth, once your cesarean scar is completely healed (usually around 6-8 weeks), I can teach you some gentle ways to massage your scar to prevent adhesions & restore function in the abdomen & pelvis.

Holistic Breastcare & Education

Warm compresses are applied to your chest & armpits to open lymphatic channels. Then breast balm & warm stones are used to massage your breasts & relieve tenderness. You’ll learn simple ways to care for your nursing body & to prevent stagnation/clogged ducts/mastitis.

Ritual Herbal Bath

A bath with herbs, sea salt & epsom salts or an herbal milk bath is drawn for you in your tub.  You can soak alone or enjoy a sweet bonding experience with your baby.

Closing the Bones

This ceremony is intended to physically & energetically help the body close after the expansion of pregnancy & birth. You are swaddled head to toe with rebozos (Mexican shawls), sealing in the sweetness of this rite of passage & squeezing out what you are ready to release.  Blessings are spoken over each part of your body.

Infant Massage Instruction

Empower yourself by learning some simple touch routines to nourish & connect with your baby. Infant massage supports bonding, relaxation, sleep & healthy digestion.

Creative Arts

For the creative types who integrate through art & expression, I can offer you journaling prompts, craft supplies & instruction. You can create objects for an altar or experience an expressive arts process with a medium of your choice. I can share simple songs for you to carry forth.

Serving the North SF Bay Area