Ceremony is a homecoming for the Soul

Allow yourself a deeply nourishing pause to integrate all that is changing

Ceremony is too often absent from modern American overculture, but our souls have a profound longing for this type of reflection & celebration. 

What have you let go of or sacrificed to be here now? What beliefs or practices resource you? What are your deep Truths?  What are your intentions for this next phase? 

I create an experience of calm & quiet so we can hear your wisdom.

We will have tender & sacred conversations that reveal your intuition.

I will help you ease into your newly transformed self with authenticity.

We will co-create a ceremony to honor a significant rite of passage in your life.  I craft ceremonies for people with diverse spiritual beliefs – together, we’ll find the practices & symbolism that are meaningful to you.

I can facilitate an individual, family or small community ceremony.

This is a sample of ceremonies I’ve facilitated:

Mother/Parent Blessing Ritual during pregnancy

Parenthood Initiation & Placenta Burying

Community Baby Welcoming or Baby Naming

Parenthood Journey Touchpoint (i.e. going back to work, mental health struggle care, weaning, etc)

Menopause Queening

Abortion or Miscarriage Integration

Life Change Pivot (i.e. career leap, divorce, intention to conceive, etc)

Friendship Blessing

Women’s Circle Facilitation

The possibilities are endless, so please reach out if you have an idea not listed.

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful ritual & healing day yesterday…for guiding me through the integration ritual and providing the space. It’s what I needed at this time. It’s been resonating with me, revisiting moments and feelings."

– I.G., Motherhood and Grief Ritual

“I was held today in a way that I truly believe every mother needs at some point of their journey. I had a healing ceremony with a lovely doula/sister/healer O’Nell Starkey surrounding my pregnancy release. I had such an amazing spiritual experience and was given so much insight. We called in the spirits of the Earth, I was wrapped in cloth, I was rubbed in oils, I was bathed in love and acceptance and validation, I had medicinal cocoa and I feel so clear and content in my skin and choices. I was able to see myself as my mother identity and also as my individual identity and how these two dance together in balance. I realized I am worthy of unconditional love and support and happiness. I felt my inner child cared for by the most divine mother I always wanted and at the same time I felt fully in my womanhood for calling in this support. It really sealed off my experience as a mother that released an energy back to the Divine. We all deserve this level of care and support. We all need hands-on, heartfelt support from other womxn in our community. Thank you, dear sister”

– M.S., Post-Abortion Ritual

“Thank you so much for your love and grounded, soft and powerful ways. I feel so good since our time. You are wonderful and what you offer is so needed and helpful!!”

– Regina, Self-Love Ritual

“So much of our ceremony day still lingers in my heart, muscles and mind. Thank you again for all you are. I think of you and our impactful session often."

– J.L., Divorce Rite of Passage

“Thank you so much for yesterday. It was such a fulfilling and special day and it would not have happened without you. I appreciate all of your support and love immensely! [My partner] said thank you too and he appreciates how thorough and intricate everything was."

– Clare, Baby Welcoming Ceremony

“You make my heart feel loved. Thank you for your tender and beautiful mother tending and for our Weaning Ritual kit. My toddler and I had a beautiful perfect bath celebrating our breastfeeding journey and mother-daughter relationship. She loved it and so did I. Thank you for guiding us and encouraging me. I feel more confident in leading and creating ritual now and my husband knows how important that is to me now. I’m so grateful for you!"

– Mary, Toddler Weaning Ceremony