Nourished.  Supported.  Connected.  In love.

This is our wish for your family. My colleague, Jackie Davey, and I have designed the Early Weeks class to help you create a strong and sustainable foundation to welcome your little one(s).  One of the amazing doulas at Birth Realm Postpartum Care Company will come to your home in the San Francisco North Bay Area and bring our Early Weeks foundations to you!  You’ll learn newborn care, self-care, and relationship care in a customized 4 to 5 hour class that is relevant to your family. We also offer this class virtually.

Together we will dive deep into life at home with a newborn. You will learn how to attune to your baby’s needs and decipher what they are communicating to you.  We will cover what normal newborn behavior looks like, as well as tricks of the trade that we have developed over the years – the best ways to handle fussy evenings, stubborn burps, and diaper blowouts! You’ll get hands-on practice of newborn care with our lifesize baby dolls, as well as access to our online presentation and resource lists. We’ll give you feedback about nursery set-up or logistics based on your home and values. 

The 4th trimester is a potent time of growth and integration for each member of the family. We will give you a realistic picture of what to expect and help you get the logistics set up so you can relax into the sweetness and magic of this transformational time. You will leave this class with a personalized postpartum plan as well as local community resources to give you the support needed to thrive in your fourth trimester. We will focus on the material that is most interesting to you and make sure all your questions get answered.

This class is intended for the birthing parent and partner to take together in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.  If you are not partnered, we encourage you to invite a person who will be supporting you in the postpartum time – we will include resources and activities to support your solo/single parenting journey. We encourage parents to take a separate breastfeeding and childbirth education class as we do not cover those topics in this class.

Infant awareness, communication & behavior

 Bathing & grooming

 Swaddling & soothing techniques

Crying & emotionally respectful parenting

Diapering options

Sleep rhythms & safety

Carriers & baby-wearing basics

Support team planning

Caring for your recovering body

Intimacy & sexuality

Understanding partner’s needs

Staying connected as a couple

Postpartum mood disorders

The Early Weeks Class

Contact Birth Realm Postpartum Care Co. with questions or to schedule your own private class.

We really enjoyed our private class!  So thoughtful and informative. Good balance of hands on, listening and questions. Casual, warm, and informative.

A & J

O’Nell is an amazing baby whisperer. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things baby. I must have asked her hundreds of questions and she answered each one with such wisdom, loving presence, and great information. All of the resources she offered were useful and helped me become a better mother.


After taking a private newborn/parenting class with O’Nell Starkey I felt immensely supported and well informed….I wish all new parents could spend some time learning from and being supported by such an intelligent, educated, kind, clear-spoken ally.

G & J

Thank you so much for all the incredible advice and wealth of wisdom!  We both found the class super helpful and enlightening — so glad we found you!  
J & F

Wanted to share with you that our daughter was born.  Thank you again for your help with our baby class!  We’re putting everything we learned to good use.


I loved the holistic nature of what was covered. It felt permissive of different parenting choices and the focus on partner support and our relationship felt so important and I would really wish that insight and mindfulness for my friends.

O’Nell was such an engaged teacher and really met us where we were at. It was a gift to have such a full range of topics consolidated with clarity, permission, compassion and non-judgement! She was very patient with our slightly all-over-the-place energy that day and helped us feel more trusting of our own instincts and capabilities whilst sharing some very practical information for us as new parents-to-be.