Holistic One-on-One Fertility Support

  • Do you want expert help learning the symptothermal method of fertility awareness (FAM)?
  • Are you trying to conceive?  Do you need guidance interpreting your fertility signals so you can maximize your chances of conception?
  • Do you need clarification about technique or Rules so you feel 100% confident about practicing FAM for birth control?
  • Have you read a book about FAM and have questions about how it relates to you personally?
  • Are you curious what your FAM chart is telling you about your hormones?
  • Do you want support in using your cervical self-exam kit?

I offer personalized and empowering support for women and their partners who use FAM as birth control, as a conception aide, or a hormonal health gauge. Appointments can be made to teach FAM privately or discuss your current FAM charting practice.

I offer private consultations via phone, or online via Skype, Google, etc.  


*Disclaimer* I do not diagnose, cure or treat any diseases.  Clients assume full responsibility for their use of the information presented during classes and/or consultations.